I now offer a wide variety of classes. After being approached many times by interested humans wanting to know more about how all of this universe works, I decided to start a little academy where everyone is welcomed to learn new skills and experiences.

My academy is divided in three categories : Diplomas, Certificates and Workshops. Each categorie has a different duration and level of difficulty. In any cases, I expect only serious inquiries in regards of My trainings. I am a serious Mentor and Teacher and I demand only the best from My trainees.


I offer two types of Diplomas: Findom Training and Professional Dominatrix Training. I built those classes so that by the end of your training you will have all the notions and tricks to start your career comfortably. My Diplomas are divided in 10 classes + 1 final exam. I teach theory and practice and you must assist to all your class and fulfill all work demanded in order to succeed. You must plan your inscription since there are only 4 groups annually. If you want to subscribe to the next group, make sure to email Me in order to reserve your place. A general application & deposit will be required.


There are three different certificates: – BDSM 101 – Submissive Training – Unleash your inner Goddess – . Each certificate has a duration of 5 classes with no final exam. They are built for people who are interested in exploring and acquiring new experiences. I only accept serious inquiries and well mannered students. I offer My certificates on demand and a deposit will be required to reserve your place.


Two types of workshops are given, theorical and practical and they last around 3 hours. Each workshop is opened to public and reservations are made via My email. For the moment they are offered on demand and planned on the number of humans participating. Presently My theorical classes are as followed: – Dungeon 101 – History of BDSM & the Dominatrix – Psychology of BDSM & the Archetypes – . My practical classes are: Impact Play – Feminization & makeup – Discipline & Authority – Basics of Bondage – Needle/Blood Play – Sensual Play – Humiliation/ Degradation Dynamics – .