That’s it, you clicked on this page. You want to serve isn’t it? You want to show how submissive you can be. You too fell on your knees and this desire of feeling Mine is devouring you. You might not know yet how to serve properly, maybe you do because of your years of practice, but in both cases you are dying to serve Me.

I offer lots of options. I made it a little easier for you since your brain is shrinking of weakness and your concentration is running away from you. First, you have to choose if you really have the courage to meet Me in person. Mostly all humans I’ve met said it took them quiet a time before booking a IRL session. So while you’re hesitating on that you might want to choose to serve Me online first. That way you will feel much more confortable once you meet Me in the dungeon.

Online Servitude

For the online servitude, I suggest you to subscribe to My fanpages – Onlyfans and Loyalfans – where I post lots of unedited pictures and videos exclusive to those pages everyday or two. I also love to film and to create clips that will leave you craving for More. Direct yourself to My Clips stores – Iwantclips and Manyvids – you will surprise yourself of how much time you will be binging, boy. If you want to break the ice, introduce yourself, learn a little bit more about Me or just to have your mind manipulated, then you must visit My Sextpanther Profile – where I offer you the privilege of texting Me, phone Me or Videocall Me. Warning that this could cause you a long after effect of My divine power.

I also offer custom clips. You can either order via one of My clips stores or email Me what you want and receive it via Wetransfer. Feel like booking an online session? This is a great idea. I generally receive on Skype or Zoom, just make sure you book Me at least two days in advance except if I tweeted that I was receiving live, happens sometimes. Are you jerking off too much? Dreaming about being locked? Chastity Keyholding is another option for you then. Two other online options that I like are long distance slave training and controlling your budget. Might want to look at this deeper!

Real time Servitude

Alright, you are dying to meet Me. You have this aching pressure of being under My feet. You want to feel the strength of My gaze upon you. Suffer for Me and moan maybe. You have courage and finally decide to book Me. Before you do, here are some tips I provide you:

SAVE UP, I’m an expensive Queen and I expect you to shower Me with tributes, gifts and attentions. PLAN before contacting, I don’t like humans trying to book Me on the same day. My time is precious and My attention too, I am the one who decide when We/we will meet and it’s usually at least three days minimum after We/we discussed. PREPARE before your session. That means both physically and mentally. I don’t want you weak and nervous, I want you in control and ready to serve when I will be opening the door of My dungeon. SUBMIT during our session and LISTEN, say ” Yes Mistress ” when I speak.

Finally, I can guarantee that being in My presence is addictive and will leave you breatheless. Careful, having one session with Me is discovering more than you can imagine.