I am Mistress Isys. Montreal based Sadist & Professional Dominatrix since a decade already. Small and Powerful. Intelligent and Imaginative. Sensual and Provocative. I love to mix psychological domination and physical domination, I excel in taking your soul and making your body Mine. I have a taste for cruelty and sadism. I guarantee My softness is only there to bewitch you. I will trap you and then proceed to reveal My inner demon.By having Me by your side you will feel subjugated. I have like a million souls. There is no grey, only black and white. If you take the dive and look into My eyes, you will weaken. I enter in your head, plant a seed and watch it grow. My power will take over.If I let you have the pleasure to experiment this universe, it is only under My satisfaction that you will feel the bliss.Don’t be afraid. We all know that pain and pleasure is divine. You will be craving for more so start your journey now, human.