I am a cocktail of sensualism and sadism. I am powerful, mysterious and elegant. I am Mistress Isys. Intuitive and imaginative, I take pleasure in mixing both psychological and physical domination. I am a strict and severe Dominatrix based in Montreal, Canada.

I love to break men in two. I am an Enchantress that loves to take control of your soul. I am a Witch that loves to turn men into puppets. I am a Goddess that expect to have all Her desires fulfilled. Once you have entered My world, you never leave. I enter in your head and stay there forever. Once you have tasted the excellence, your addiction becomes real. I am the addiction, the drug.

You will become obsessed with desire, always wanting more than what you can get. I will play with your mind, your entire body and your true and deepest self. In My eyes you will fear what Female Supremacy is, in My eyes you will understand where is your place and without hesitation you will be the first wanting to serve Me again and again.

Do you have what it takes?