Call Me Mistress. Mistress Isys. I started My career as a Professional Dominatrix in 2014 and I’ve been expanding My empire ever since. In fact, way before I knew what BDSM and Femdom were about, I was stealing hearts and souls of desesperate weak men. I have since My young ages been interested of the effect I was doing on them. I remember as a teenager I used to charm them, make them fall in love with Me, use them and then dispose of them. I always had a cold heart. My supplices were not only mental but physical, taking pleasure in ballbusting or teasing and denying, the options were infinite as long as I was amused.

Around 2006 I got obsessed with the art of Seduction and became a pro at it. Me and My best friend of the time had a list of potential victims to seduce and the goal was to destroy their heart and therefore acquire more knowledge on how to become this impersonated Goddess. We got them all. What a pleasure it was.

Three years later, I moved to Montreal and this changed My life and the perspective I had of Me. Not only did I find women doing the same as I was doing but also soulmates that became ProDomme too few years after. I connected on so many levels on what it was to share human experiences and the love I have for learning about new skills.

When I was 23 My dear soulmate invited Me to a party where I met this person who introduced Me to this whole universe. I remember Her telling Me how good of a Domina I could become and this stayed in My mind and then became an obsession. I wanted to be this Mistress and I knew when I heard about Her describing what a Dominatrix was that this was Me already. My persona was there inside of Me all the time, well alive but raw. I had to define Her.

That’s when I decided to contact a well established Professional Domina located downtown Montreal that is still owning a dungeon there today. Because She had already Her clientele She decided to take Me under Her wing and showed Me the basics. I used to be such a wild and raw Domina without empathy. Some people that knew Me back then could testify of My evolution since then.

I think every Femdom has this period where She has to learn how to behave and discover Her power hidden deep down. I knew I had this power and I was already using it, just not really in the right way.

Ten years later, I am now Myself a well established Professional Dominatrix. This whole decade was such a thrill and everyday is a very good reason to evolve a bit more. I describe Myself as a still cold hearted Goddess but that has a lot of empathy and control over Her wildness.

I am very grateful for all those humans who helped Me grow but also to all the subs that served Me over time, you are not forgotten. To the first ever one slave to the last I received in the dungeon last week, you are all special and in a sense you too helped Me to become who I am now.

Located in the Plateau, I receive My slaves in an well-equipped dungeon. My main interests are all listed on My fetlife but here are some I very enjoy : Mindfuck, Psychological Domination, Behavior Modification, Breath Play, Latex, Foot fetish, Nipple torture, CBT, Corporal Punishment, Discipline, Degradation, Humiliation, Financial Domination, Mummification, Mind Control & Hypnose, Pantyhoses and Stockings fetish, Boot Worship, Public Humiliation, Sadomasochism, Needle Play, Sensory Deprivation, Whips. Just to name a few.

For your information I have Myself some fetishes: Trichophilia is My main one but I also have a huge fetish for heels and thigh high boots. So if you feel like pleasing Me, grow your hair and buy Me heels!

Last summer I also became a Mentor and Femdom Coach. I created a detailed program of 10 classes on how to become a Professional Dominatrix. I have formed over 10 students and still am forming new ones as I write this. It is such a immense pleasure to teach women to find their inner Goddess.