Happy to hear from Me? -Moving-

Moving!!!!!! Happy to hear from Me?

MovingI know you are 🙂 I must say I’m pretty happy too!
This month has been a lot of surprises : new obediant subs, new toys, new outfits, new year annnd New dungeon!

Yes, yes! My dungeon is moving again! This time, it will be located closer to the metro. It is a lot bigger so more space to play around. I just can’t wait! Moving in february!

Last past weeks were busy between femdom sessions and visits of the place.  So that’s why I didn’t post on My blog before. It doesn’t seem like but planning on moving a dungeon is pretty intense!

This week I had the pleasure of doing a wrestling session where the slave was completely surprised about My skills and strength. I used to do judo few years back, Mistress is a green belt.

Thought I had lost My skills since I’m not practising anymore but hey! You imagine My excitement when I found out I didn’t! Slave wrote Me back the next morning saying his muscles were sore, hehehe. Honestly, it gave Me motivation to start Jiu-Jitsu again, so for all of those who like wrestling, BOOK ME!

In the end, here is a little thought, for each of you that will send Me money on My paypal, interac transfer or by My wishlist for the moving, I will send you a special pic done just for you. I know you like special offers from Me, don’t ya? And I like when people are helping Me out.

Send Me some energy for the moving! (and tribute)
I will still do sessions if you book Me a day in advance,
but keep in mind you might see some boxes here and there 😉

Ms. Isys xx