Xmas is coming, time to suffer!

Xmas is coming, time to suffer!
Like few days and it’s knocking at your door.
We all know you’ve been a naughty dirty little boy and to be sure you pass through this time of the year, it’s a MUST you gift your Queen! I really want to see my Mailbox full of presents and tributes on the 25th.

Just updated My wishlist with a lot more items in a price range 40-60$. GO SEE, CHOOSE, SEND. Even if you are poor, tribute! Two weeks ago I received a little gift with a note saying: ” I know it’s not much, I am poor, Sorry Mistress” LIKE AWWWWN. Poor little creature however it made Me smile, I mean, just a little 25$, it proves you are really devoted and that you want to catch My attention. In all honesty,I prefer to spend My time on someone that proved to Me how obedient he can be than spending My time on beggers and fakes.

In other words, SHOW ME YOUR DEVOTION AND GET MY ATTENTION. It’s easy like that.

It’s so important! It facilitates My happiness, and yours too of course.
Some already proved to Me they can be efficient slaves. If you sent Me something on My wishlist, if you took a session and if you are planning to adopt a bill *see below for explanations!* you can be sure you are climbing up the ladder pretty well 😉

Xmas is coming, time to suffer!

Speaking about the ”adopt a bill project”. It’s pretty simple, I posted yesterday on Twitter and Instagram that I am presently seeking financial slaves ready to adopt one of My various bills. Some of them are already adopted and I am so proud of those slaves nonetheless, it is missing some and I’m sure by posting this article that My bills will find good owners 😉 Just submit your interest at My email: isys@ with what you want to adopt :

– Dungeon’s rent 800$
– Internet : 65$
– Groceries : 300$
– Cat’s stuff : 55$ (if you didn’t know it yet, I have three cats and they deserve the best)
– Visa Card : 50$
– Montly Manucure / Pedicure : 70$


Also, I want to remind you that My birthday is coming soon,

Consequently, get prepared !!!!! I might need some slaves for that evening 😉
(more infos soon)

Finally, I like to see that you are waiting patiently for new of Me.
Now, do as I say and DON’T FORGET ME FOR XMAS.

Ms. Isys xx