Montreal Summer and fetishes

Yes. Montreal Summer and fetishes. 🙂 I have some pretty good news !!!
I’ve been pretty busy lately, the usual real time and film sessions. I did have some vacations this summer in a pretty good electronic festival two weeks ago. It was amazing. Disconnecting from our reality (even if mine is a little different from ”normal” people) felt just right. The sun was there, the moon at night, dancing under the stars, barefoot, dressed in my beautiful long skirts…you know those with a soft texture feeling just so confortable and classy? Yes. Those ones. I saw My old friends and made new ones, I shared love and happiness, freedom and smiles.

All My stress was gone.

I came back about a week ago. It was time to put all My reality back on tracks. I booked so many subs 😀 I’m sure they were missing Me while I was having fun 😉 Even had a full-day session! I also had the fun of being spoiled with beautiful tributes 🙂 thanks a lot to the slave it concerns :)xxx

Have you heard of those sessions I offer? FULL DAY SESSION. What is better than having the privilege of passing a full whole day with Myself? At My feet? Admire Me? Feeling My authority? In your mind and body? Mmmmh. Write Me an email if you are interested. It will be a pleasure to give you more infos and plan it together.

In exactly a month I will be performing again at the Montreal Fetish Weekend . SO MUCH FUN PLANNED.
Here is where you will have the honor of seeing/meeting Me :

First, Friday afternoon on Ste-Catherine Street for a fashion show where I will model for the great fetish designer Patrice Catanzaro. Second, Saturday morning at noon I will host a workshop in duo with the beautiful Mistress VonDark, in the afternoon you will have the chance of seeing Me at the Parc Emilie-Gamelin for a delicious Fetish Picnic. Saturday Night at the Latexstacy Event I will model for the fashion show of Il Boléro  celebrating their 25th anniversary AND finally COME SEE MY FEMDOM SIDE SHOW later on that night on the first floor.

I just can’t wait.

So many projects,
So little time,
But a LOT of energy and determination to stay always AT MY BEST.
Awwww love to Montreal summer and fetishes

Kisses subs,


Montreal Summer