I know, it’s been a while.

I know, it’s been a while. With all those sunny days, I can tell you I am more than busy enjoying good times 😀
I think you are all curious about what’s going on with Mistress. Have you been on to watch Me play with My little pets?! I went to visit the site few days ago, well!!! I have a bunch of clips now 😀

I know, it's been a while.

I am taking my time to write you little updates before going to a meeting with my dear friend Mistress VonDark (visit her website! here) to talk about our workshop and shows that we are gonna do at the Montreal Fetish Weekend this summer (I know I can’t wait to be there either!) Just to let you know, this year I’m participating more than ever with the workshop (can’t tell ya yet hehe), My sideshows and the Fashion Runway (Yessssssss). I will be part of an amazing team for Patrice Catanzaro again this year! DON’T MISS THIS. Also! I heard that the amazing Cybill Troy will be there 😀 yay!

The past few weeks I was doing some renovations in my…..NEW DUNGEON! So by now, I will receive you in a beautiful dungeon, made just for Myself 🙂 It is perfect… Just as Me. Little small, but who cares, you are there to come see My beauty right?

I would like to remind you also that you can buy My smelly socks! (55$ a pair) With those warm days, I can assure you that you will be satisfied with the odour haha. Oh and! Full day sessions are still avalaible, it is booking quite fast, but I still have some availabilities! Who will be the lucky One?

I am presently working on updates for My ads, My website aaaand My portfolio, new shootings coming soon 😉

Do you feel like chatting sometimes? You can now have  PAY-TO-GET-ATTENTION chat 😀 Simple as write Me something, tribute Me, and we will chat. mmmmmmmmmmh xxxxxxx