While everybody gets up and go to work

Dear subs and fans. WhileWhile everybody gets up and go to work everybody gets up and go to work, I get up and sit on My throne thinking about new ways to keep you close to Me. The more I think the more it seems complicated. The less I think, the less it seems complicated. I arrived to the conclusion that just being was enough for Me to keep you in My world.  Still, I have a lot in mind 😉 First of all, you knew about My clips with  well, you should rent them. There is about 5-6 clips from the first film I did a month ago. Last week I did a second one, should be online soon too. I will also start to do clips

that will be for sell on and 🙂 I know you can’t wait. A new teaser video will be added here soon too! Shooting it this wednesday 😀 Also, I was looking for a new place to do My dungeon. WELL. I’m just gonna renovate a little bit, put new deco, add more installations and toys. You will be ravished! My goal is to satisfy my clients and subs. My goal is to see you completely subjugated by Myself and My world. I want to hypnotize you, make you My own little pet. And what’s better than taking care of My pets? My website needs also some upgrades so don’t be surprised if you see it ”under construction” for a few days. Always upgrading. Upgrading is more than good, it’s a way to prove that you are advancing, not staying at the same place/time.  Always go forward : life has more for you than what you can see!!!! I send you some slaps, spanks and love xxxx

P.S A lot of neophytes are contacting Me these days…here is a quick message for you : COME SEE ME, I’LL MAKE YOU LEARN THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE.