My Happiness will be yours too.

My Happiness will be yours too. I have so many news, just good news! Where to start..
Let’s rewind the time a little bit, I had finally the filming of My first movie for last wednesday. We had so much fun! I was still looking for a slave tuesday and I finally found the lucky one right on time! He liked it so much 😉 I’m sure you would have too. Elle Ricksen (the owner of the website) was also really happy about the work. Conclusion : we will film regularly 🙂 I will let you all know when the movie will be available.

Sometimes it’s hard to find good slaves out there. Some are shitty with protocoles and don’t even know the basic one, some are stupid enough to be disrespectful, some are not ponctual, etc. This weekend I went to Quebec City to visit one of My most loyal slave. (Lucky him having Me for a whole weekend). I felt spoiled with new tattoos and new shoes, and beauty products, and massages, and so on! This one should be really to read that he is an example for others trying to become a good one. Read books guys, cultivate yourself, learn the basic of a ”majordome” (give good tips) etc.
My Happiness
Ohhhhh and to finish the week, I received a beautiful tribute by paypal just because of My beauty 😉
Thanks to you unknown slave.