Who doesn’t like My updates?

updates!! Who doesn’t like My updates??
Mistress was busy between shootings and sessions!! That is why I didn’t post before. Been a long time!!
Now the sun is out and it’s starting to get warmer, love it. In few weeks I will be able to walk around the city in skirt and heels without freezing! 😀 You will be happy to know that I did a photoshoot last week, one yesterday and that I have another one tomorrow!! Of course all the pictures will be posted online 🙂
I also had the pleasure to go shopping with a paypig two weeks ago, he spoiled Me well! 850$ of beautiful fetish outfits. By now everytime you book a session, I will be wearing SEXY AWESOMENESS. Just so it can fits My majestic beauty. The website with who I am supposely working for ( takes a LONG FUCKING TIME to get ready, I’m wondering now if it will ever work, haha damn. What about you subs? Are you feeling the spring coming? Because I do! I’m full of energy!!!!!! You’ll notice it in the next sessions you’ll take 😉

I wish you all the best as always,
Your Mistress xx

Who doesn't like My updates