Week Update!

Dear subs! Week update!!! First of all, I have been so busy last week (and still am) and it makes Myself really proud! I mean which Dominatrix doesn’t like to be booked that much?! It means a lot to Me! It proves that you all are really interested in My divine person 😉 Saturday I went to a playparty! I met nice people and had good discussions with them. Sunday night I did a new photoshoot (not a fetish one but more ”portrait”) so you might see those pictures soon enough!! ALSO I had a meeting yesterday with the fantastic owner of Montreal Fetishweekend! You know why? Because Mistress will be modelling for the fashion shows (as last year) but will perform in the events AND do a little ”exposé” . GREAT MEETING! This guy is awesome!! Friday I have another meeting for a new Playparty 🙂 I’ll be performing for them soon as well as filming with in 10 days! To finish this update, GO ON BACKPAGE to see My new Video! AND BOOK 😀

P.S There is another Playparty this saturday! Extreme Heels and Harnesses HERE I COME.

Photo credit to MISSKONEKO.COM